Dr. Kenneth Bailey on The Prodigal Son Parable

He runs to us; He restores us — all with a Joyful Heart!

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Why does everyone miss the turning point in the Prodigal Son Parable?

Everyone thinks the turning point for the prodigal takes place in the far country when he "comes to his senses." However English versions of the bible don't accurately capture its meaning. World renowned scholar Dr. Kenneth Bailey indicates that for the first thousand years the universal Arabic translation was not that "he had come to his senses" but rather that "he returned to himself (nepash)" or more specifically "he would depend on himself." Had the prodigal repented, Jesus would have used the word Shub, a Hebrew word meaning "return to God."

The prodigal is not hoping to reconcile with his father, rather he will pay back the debt himself. He will become a skilled craftsman — not a slave.

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